Complete FAQ list
Is videocamera included in the Flipbox package?
By default, videocamera for videoconferencing is not part of a standard product bundle. It is an optional device. Inclusion of such videocamera into the shipment bundle should be negotiated when the supply contract is discussed. You can as well buy an external USB videocamera with a built-in microphone on your own or you can use an external videocamera you already have. Please refer to an appropriate chapter in the User Guide for instructions on how to connect it to Flipbox.
Can I enhance the functionality of my Flipbox?
All applications required for your device to work efficiently and correctly are preinstalled on your Flipbox. This set of apps has been tested and optimized to ensure stable and reliable operation under the Flipbox OS. Yet you can install under Flipbox OS an Android app of your own choice, which provides additional capabilities you require. You should be aware that Flipbox OS does not provide access to an 'application market' which users know as a place where they can get a new application. You only have an opportunity of manually installing a new app with the use of an APK file (an archived app distributive file). Polymedia does not provide such files. You have to get this file yourself either by way of downloading it from a software site or directly from a software vendor. Polymedia does not provide support for user installed applications, which are not included in the preinstalled set. If the installed application interferes with the work of Flipbox, Polymedia support advises to reset the device to factory default settings. Besides Flipbox users have an exciting opportunity of installing any application of their own choice under Windows OS. To that end, you should install a special PC module into a dedicated slot on your Flipbox device. Depending on the shipped configuration this PC module may come bundled with such module or not. In the latter case, you have to acquire it as additional option. Regardless of how you get the PC module it will come with the MS Windows OS preinstalled on it. Polymedia does not provide support for MS Windows OS or Windows based software. For those questions please seek assistance from the appropriate software developing companies.
The device being connected to Flipbox through Screenshare does not show up on the Flipbox screen.
Required conditions for successfully creating a Wi-Fi connection using the Screenshare Pro app:

  1. The Wi-Fi network should not use any Wi-Fi client isolation parameters.
  2. The Wi-Fi network should accept broadcast packets.
  3. The Wi-Fi network should not use QoS which prevent stream broadcast.
  4. Firewall/antivirus on the device running ScreenShare app client must be either disabled or configured not to block ports/protocols used by ScreenShare.
  5. The PC which should share its screen with Flipbox must be located in the same Level 2 domain as Flipbox is currently located.
  6. Make sure that firewall/antivirus software does not block the Screenshare Pro app.
  7. If Flipbox was reset to the factory defaults you should enable the six-digit code display in the Flipbox Settings.
An external videocamera and/or built-in microphone does not work.
An external USB videocamera uses different driver set for Flipbox (Android OS) and Windows. Make sure you install camera drivers under the operating system which you run to work with your camera. A good idea is to install driver sets both under Windows OS and under Flipbox OS - then you will not spend time on doing it when you need to work. You may find out that there is no driver set for your USB videocamera available for Android. You can inquire with the device vendor if they have one, and if they don't it would be a good idea to replace the videocamera. Also double-check if you selected the right device when you set up the audio/video parameters in the application you are going to use with the camera (this, for example, can be the Trueconf app). Also run the device manager in Windows OS and check if the USB camera device has been disabled in the current configuration.
I cannot connect Flipbox to a WiFi network.
Look through the instruction provided by Flipbox User Guide once again and re-check the configured parameters. If everything is in conformance with the Instruction guidelines - please ask your system administrator to help you out. On some occasions a thorough knowledge of the network infrastructure is essential to correctly set up the connection parameters.
Can I set an image of my own choice (not included in the Flipbox system image gallery) as a wallpaper?
To change a Flipbox wallpaper image:

1. Display the Start menu and choose the Explorer icon.
2. Use the Explorer application to choose a folder containing the file with the required image.
3. Double tap the required file to open it in the 'Create a Slide show' mode.
4. On the slide show timeline, choose the image you need.
5. Choose the Settings icon in the menu displayed in the bottom of the screen. This, in turn, will display the Settings menu containing the slide show parameters.
6. In the slide show parameter menu, choose Set to wallpaper.
7. Choose the Save command which is then displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
8. The selected image is instantly set as the wallpaper.
How can I rename a file in Flipbox?
To rename a file you should select it in the Explorer app and choose the Rename icon in the Menu bar in Explorer. No context menus are available in Flipbox.
How do I keep my FlipBox updated?
To update firmware:

1. Check Flipbox model and MAC address.
2. Check Firmware version.
3. New firmware must be uploaded to Fat32 USB-driver (Bin-file).
4. Connect USB-driver to the display.
5. Turn OFF Flipbox by switching power button on the backside of the display for a few seconds and then Turn ON again.
6. Press and hold the power button on the front of the display twice and it will flash after 5 seconds.
7. Firmware update is started.
Should I power off device when work is finished?
Powering your Flipbox off is not necessary. Flipbox enters the Standby mode automatically after the specified amount of time elapses if there is no activity detected.
How do I restore Flipbox OS to default settings?
To reset Flipbox to factory defaults:

1. All user installed applications and saved data will be removed, backup all the information.
2. Press in sequence "Input1379" on the remote control – the Service Menu is displayed.
3. In the Blue Menu – choose the first option.
4. "Yes/No" – choose "Yes" – Flipbox will be restored to default factory settings.
5. All network settings should be configured again.